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      Steady, all! Engines quit and left us with a dead stick! No danger.He and Si made a rush down the hill, and gained the covert of the fence just in time to see the rails splintered by a bunch of shots striking them.

      "What is it she wants?" inquired the Major.

      He took the ax from the negro's hand, and patiently showed him how to hold and strike with it. The man apparently tried his best to learn, but it270 was a perspiring effort for him and the Deacon. The negro presently dropped his ax, sat down on the log, and wiped his forehead with his shirtsleeve.The Orderly-Sergeant looked over his roster, and then walked down to Si's residence.

      "Turn it out and see," said Si.

      That-there time, Jeff might say, when the caretaker playing mechanic and pulling down the prop till the engine catches, didnt you open up the throttle too wide? Better to open it just enough to give the engine gas to carry along onand even cut the gun a bit more to let it run fairly slow till it warms up. Turning her up to full eighteen hundred revs dont gain while shes cold, and it throws dust like sin!

      Bushrod knelt down with his face toward the Cottonwood, and began an agonized prayer, mingled with confessions of crimes and malefactions, some flagrant, some which brought a grin of amusement to the faces of Co. Q.


      IT SEEMS impossible, but the third day's rain was even worse than that of the two preceding. The drops seemed much larger, to follow each other faster, and with less interval between the downpours.


      After a diligent search they came across an old canoe hollowed out of a tulip-tree log. It was a cranky affair, and likely to turn over if their hair was not parted exactly in the middle; but both of the boys were used to canoe management, and they decided to risk the thing."Looks as if she'd bin picked before she was ripe and got awfully warped in the dryin'. All the same she's loaded with whisky," commented Shorty as the woman descended from her saddle and approached the sentry with an air of resolute demand.


      "He be glad to heer that you have received these things all